Knock Knock English Lesson

What a lovely day! The children were energetic during Morning Circle. After few songs, they practiced briefly for their special presentation at the Graduation Ceremony tomorrow. I can't wait to see them perform at the stage and I know that our dear parents may have similar feelings. 
 Rabbit Team was happy to see Aniko Sensei. They all greeted her with a warm "Good Morning!" They enjoyed the animal shadow matching game. They listened and interacted during book reading time. The lesson was culminated with "Walking In The Jungle" song with boisterous laughter.
As for the Monkey Team, their English lesson has improved a lot. They answer with ease when Aniko Sensei, presented review on letters W, X, Y and "TH" phonics sounds and practice to say set phrase "I can/I can't" with action pictures.
It was a great morning before lunch and nap time.