Indoor activities

It has been raining all day so we stayed inside the nursery having fun  playing each other we had enjoyed our English lesson about belongings and stationery we also had so much fun conversing in English through answering questions like What's your name? When is your birthday? Where do you live? 
How old are you ? and what is your favourite  sports? they showed interest and excitement indeed a  very fun day for them. 


Swimming pool lesson

スイミングスクールに出掛けたNursery teamさん。


Hula dance and park time

All is well today, they  had enjoyed their day playing with their friends at the park finding bugs, insects and had enjoyed playing the different play equipment's at the park.
Everyone  participated the hula dance lesson excited  learning lots of new dance steps and exercises. 


Soccer lesson

 The kids were all fine , they had so much fun participating their soccer lesson enjoying every soccer drills and exercises that their soccer coach had given them.


5 years old picnic 2019/4/19

''They are the mirror of so much happiness'' 

Outdoor activities

The teams are divided into two today Lion team went to the  picnic while B&L enjoyed their day outside they had so much fun playing the soccer ball with their teachers,  watching the train passes-by、picking nice shape stones near the river and watching beautiful flowers around them、they tried catching and running after the butterflies indeed a very beautiful day. 


Park time

The kids are all great they really had so much fun playing each other at the park enjoying the slide, net rope and other park playground equipment's
The weather is very perfect and so as the kids.