Hula dance lesson

Today we had fun lesson  with Shimizu sensei and her daughter Sakura sensei!!

Fuku-warai Activity with Aya Sensei!

The old saying goes, "Laughter is the best medicine!", and that's what we had for today with Aya Sensei as we did Fuku-warai activity. We wore a funny blindfold and tried to form a face by pinning the parts. It was so challenging and we formed a very funny face! 

So scary someone is running away from her!

Someone is happily doing a cartwheel!

Bravo! Spectacular! 


Art Lesson with Sato Sensei

We love to play with colors! Today, we had art lesson with Sato Sensei and we learn how to handle the paintbrush properly. We did some sketch on our expectations this coming New Year. Excited for the grand fireworks display!