Park time and hip-hop dance lesson

                                       The kids are all fine monkey team went at the park with koala, panda and rabbit team they had enjoyed so much playing the slide, horizontal bar, and sandbox even if the weather was very warm. Bear and lion had their hip-hop dance lesson so far they're good and enjoying it all the time.


Swimming lesson

All of them did great during their swimming lesson monkey team jumped to the pool for the first time they are very braved,  bear and lion did their best as well enhancing some swimming techniques that they have learnt before so far so fine. 


Indoor and hula dance lesson

Despite the gloomy weather the kids was good and was very lively this morning they had enjoyed their day playing inside the nursery and made some art work.
Everybody participated their hula dance lesson excitedly so far so good. 


Soccer lesson

 They learnt new soccer drills and exercises so far they're doing well. 
Almost everybody are very lively beaming with so much happiness according from them soccer is very fun. 

Park Time!





Park time last Thursday May 16

                                         We went at the park enjoying the nice weather for that day, we played the park playground equipment's some played hide/seek while the others searched for an  insects and bugs.


Swimming lesson

It was fun day they had enjoyed
 playing the water in the pool 
learning new swimming drills and exercises with their energetic coache
it was indeed very good.