Swimming lesson/ Park time

The kids had enjoyed so much playing while learning new swimming  lesson  techniques𝅘𝅥𝅱.
The rabbit team joined the Koala team they went at the park today they had so much fun playing each other  so far they are all lively and great😍


Park time and

            The kids had so much fun searching and catching  grasshopper and butterfly in the park while other kids enjoying the sandbox, climbing the rope net then sliding the slide bar they were so very happy.
                 The Hula dance  lesson went well almost everyone from M,B and L  team dances very well they are very lively and cute.💃♬

                                         So far they are  all great today.😍



Indoor activities/ and crafting

the kids are alright today they had so much fun playing around the nursery
also they made craft today  the ( bag-worm) 
So far their fine.


Hip-hop dance lesson and park time.


We sent out the cards for their grandparents  
after that the B&L had their dance
 lesson they did enjoyed it so much while
 the rabbit team went to the park 
they had so much searching and picking "Dunguri", 
running around, and playing 
the horizontal bar so far everybody 
had so much fun and they are alright today. 

swimming lesson for M,B&L and parking time for rabbit (Yesterday) 9/12

              So far the kids are all lively today

nothings unusual the M,B&L had so much fun during their swimming lesson

while the rabbit team enjoyed their day at the park. 


Hula dance/ English lesson

The kids are all great they had so much fun playing with their friends during our morning circle they also participated our English lesson about letters in the alphabets everybody did it smartly.
The M,B&L had their Hula dance lesson today it was very good.


Soccer lesson

The kids had so much fun playing each
 other inside the nursery they also
 participated their soccer 
exercises actively and happily.
So far they are all great.