Watching Rugby world cup live viewing preparation for tonight's grand opening / park time

The weather is great as well as the kids.
We watch the busy surroundings preparing for tonight's Rugby world cup opening event  so far it was great the kids were very lively  we heard them cheering for Nippon saying (go... go... go Japan) we also learned and meet the named
 Renji (レンジ―) The rugby world cup character so cute🥰.
We also visited the park everybody was very happy and excited playing around. 
So far so good!


Park time/ Dance lesson

''Park time with Panda and rabbit team "
                                    "'Introducing new  hi-hop dance steps''


Swimming lesson

" Greetings Before their swimming lesson started''

                                               " walking on a slope "
                      ''  Hands and legs must be straight forward swimming technique'' 

                                                "One by one jump'' 


Park time/ Hula dance lesson

The weather is good the kids played with each other at the park enjoying the different park equipment's and they also had enjoyed searching small insects. 
The hula dance lesson indeed very well they are improving a lot so far so good


お月見(Moon viewing )

Morning Circle 

               (Moon viewing story) 
                                                 '' Say cheese''
                                                             before we started the odango making. 

                                       Showing the odango ingredients 

                                                 Lion and bear team 
                                            Bear and monkey team
                  '' Mailing the お月見 greeting cards intended for their grandparents 
                                                        as  for the   celebration every September '' 
                              (Showing the real ススキ花-Silver grass)

          They had  Mitarashi dango (みたらし団子)  for their snack.




                                            It was cool outside so we
 decided to walked around the City 
the kids seems to enjoyed it 
so far so great. 



Swimming lesson

The kids are fine so far nothings unusual. 
They had so much fun  during their swimming lesson so far so good.