Hula dance lesson

We visited the library they  had so much fun reading and finding Christmas stories it was nice.
During their hula dance lesson  lion and bear team teaches dance steps to monkey team as they where told to do,  especially the movement of their legs from left to right it was exciting and fun. 


Soccer lesson

           They are all great, the soccer lesson seems very fun that they                                               became very active throughout the  lesson.


七五三(3,5&7 years old kids festival.)

'' In  front of the shrine'' 

                        '' Prayer requesting for the good health of everyone this year 
                                                         and on the coming years'' 


                                              '' Play time'' 


Park time

Playing happily 
with these exciting playground equipment's.
 So far the kids had enjoyed it there, also for the first time some of them played the Tarzan rope. 


Swimming lesson

M,B&L  Swimming lesson 



Park time and Hula dance lesson

It was warm today  than yesterday, the kids was very happy playing at the park.
During hula dance lesson their dance instructor introduces them into new ways of learning dance steps by  grouping them  into 3, lion team  and bear team teaches monkey team some of the hula dance basic steps so far it was great. 


Soccer lesson

(Soccer lesson for M,B&Lion team) 

                                           English workbook
                                      (learning the usage of  '' This and that ''  in a questions.