Park time / Hula dance lesson

We went at the park enjoying the nice temperature the kids played  the sand, slide swing, climbing bar/rope and sand they also had so much fun searched some bugs and insects. 

They started new hula dance lesson though it was quite hard but they did enjoyed it so much. 


Soccer lesson

All of them are great today they really had so much fun playing each other inside especially during their soccer lesson rabbit team did their best on dribbling the ball while the M,B&L level had done their best on the level up soccer drills . 


Park time

A very fine weather for everybody we played at the park for almost an hour it was  fun and great day  for all of them.


Dance lesson / Park time

 The kids are very lively enjoying the nice weather despite that it is quite cold but that doesn't stop them from enjoying their day at the park and in the nursery the Lion team  show us their achievements for the whole year of learning the hip-hop dance it was really amazing how they improved very well Bear team was also improving so much.


Swimmiing lesson

 A very nice day, Rabbit  team went At the park with koala team, 
while the M,B&L had so much fun playing games 
while enhancing their swimming capability during their swimming lesson. 

Hula dance lesson /walking

We walked outside  happily enjoying the nice weather, 
After walking around we went back at the nursery we have rehearsals in preparation for the event this coming Saturday.  
Hula dance was great they tried wearing their dance  costume  it was very lovely. 

Soccer lesson 2019/3/11

They had enjoy so much during soccer lesson. 
Everyone of them was very lively,
So far so great.