Park time (M,B&L)

'' Playing the horizontal bars''  

                                                '' Running around''
                                                '' Go.. Go...Go...''


Soccer lesson (M,B&L)

The start of their soccer lesson for this year was very nice
they're  very happy and lively so far so good. 


Park time

'' Everyone's great'' 
                           Greetings  and explaining the park time rules 
                                           '' playing the sandbox ''
                                                     ''  sliding  ''
                                  '' Planting their own cherry blossom''

'' Picture taking  with the beautiful cherry blossoms background ''
(Lion team)
                                                    ( Bear team)
( Monkey team) 


Park time (M,B&L)

The kids had so much fun playing in the park, enjoying the slide and sandbox some of them was running around with friends so far they're all lively. 


Start of school year and Swimming lesson

The kids are very happy  participated their daily activities today  so far they're great. 



End of the school year party


'' Hula dance lesson ''

                                               '' Pow pow pay ''


Soccer lesson

Everyone was very happy especially the lion team saying thank you to their soccer coach.