Park time

The weather is very good today and so as the kids they really had so much fun 
playing each other at the park playing Hide and seek, running around, playing the slide, swing and sand It was indeed a very fun day for everybody.


七五三 celebration

The weather was good,
a very good timing celebrating the traditional event for  Seven, five and three
(七五三)together we went at the shrine asking for their well - being so far it was great.


Park time / Swimming lesson

                   It was a lively day for everybody The rabbit team went at the park today they had so much fun playing  together with ''Koala team'' they played the horizontal bar, they made a ghost out from the dried leaves and running around together.
                        While the M,B&L had their swimming lesson and  according from their swimming instructor  they move up into 1 level rank they can now swim longer than it's usual so far  they all did their best goodly. 


Hula dance lesson and park time

They are very lively and happy today especially because 

they are alright today they really had so much fun playing at the park, running around, searching falling donguri( Acorn) and flowers. 
The M,B&L had so much fun enhancing their dance lesson steps. 
So far they are lively.


Soccer lesson

They greeted their soccer instructor lively with smile
So far they had so much fun playing the soccer games and participated each drills .



                                                  Very fun
                                        Ready sit kick!...


Dance lesson and park time

                               The Bear and lion had so much fun participating their dance lesson  while the Rabbit and monkey team had so much fun playing the sand toys at the park they are all very lively today.


Swimming lesson and park time.

                                                         Singing the lively song together. 

          They are very excited and happy today so far they are all great.



They had so much fun playing the slide 
and sand toys so far they are all lively .