Knock-Knock English and Pool Time

Today in our Knock-Knock English, the Rabbit and Monkey Team did some puzzles on animals while the Bear and Lion team had bean bag games on things they can do in town.Recognition and sound of letter /I/ was discussed today together with the vocabulary words: ”iguana” and ”itchy”. Great work everybody!

Always doing a great job in class! We will miss you!

Doing letter /I/

So nice to have a friend to help!

Thank you Tal Sensei for guiding us!

Pool Time!

Hairstyle Number Four! We will surely miss you!

Bang! Hands up!

Maybe there is a genie inside this bottle!

Blowing some bubbles!

Peek-a-boo! So cute of our little baby boy!


Birthday Party!

We have two Birthday celebrants for the month of August and we dressed them up with Indian hat and Fula flowers! The children asked questions to the celebrants like "What color do you like?" and "What is your favorite food?".  

Afterwards, we had a game called ”Musical Chair”. The children danced and tried to sit on the chair when the music stops.They learn to be sport and to have fun is more important than winning. Good job everybody!