Watermelon Crush!

Together with the Koala and Panda Team we had our Watermelon Crush today! The children had fun in trying to beat a watermelon with inflatable sword, paper stick, and even a Samurai toy. The Monkey, Bear, and Lion Team wore a blindfold and cheered each other by saying "Go!". Afterwards, the children ate the watermelon and it was very sweet. Yummy!

How to do it? SHow us, please.

Hoshizawa Sensei we are not watermelons! Over there please! On your right!

Where is that watermelon?? Straight ahead!

We are a bit lost and dizzy!

Shiiing! Katchi Sensei acting like a real Samurai!

Go Yahagi Sensei! You can do it!

Waiting for our watermelon! 

So sweet and yummy!

I had five watermelon!