Today`s Art Lesson

Today we had an art lesson. We drew mt. Fuji!


Soccer School

We play soccer on Tuesdays!!!

"Touch the ball with your head!"


"I am so happy today!"


Toshiba Science Museum Excursion

We visited Toshiba Museum
It was a very interesting excursion!!

Using this digital mirror you can try different hairstyles.

This is one of the oldest robots.

This is a static electricity generator.
 Look what happened to our hair!

We saw the biggest and the smallest lamps.

History of Lightning

Lunch time!
Let`s eat!

It`s time for some experiments!

What will happen to a flower if we dip it in liquid nitrogen? 

Are you ready?

The temperature of liquid nitrogen is -196℃

This is how much electricity I could produce!

It was fun!