2019/2/27Swimming lesson

The weather is quite cold yet that doesn't  the kids from enjoying their day, the rabbit team went outside having fun running on a slope and walking on the stairs while the M,B&L had their swimming lesson it was very nice day for them they had fun challenging themselves on every swimming drills they are asked to do.

2019/2/20 Swimming lesson

They are  all great it was 
very fun and a very
 lively day for everyone.


2019/2/26 Park time and Hula dance lesson

We went at the park today  they played the different play equipment's most of the kids challenged themselves on  the horizontal bar many times while the other had  fun running around playing hide and seek it was full of fun  and liveliness.

2019/2/25 Soccer lesson

 It was a very nice day for everyone, 
they really had so much fun doing the different soccer
 drills and exercises 
it was a very lively
 soccer lesson to them.


2019, 2,22 Park time

 We played very long time at the park they really had so much fun playing with their friends So far everyone is great.


Park time

                    It was a fine day everyone played at the park happily so far nothing's unusual today. 💕


Hula dance

We went at the park this morning  everyone had so much fun playing each other playing the climbing bars, sand, slide and climbing  net rope it was very fun for them.
After the park time the M,B&L had there hula dance lesson it was great so far nothing's unusual today.


Soccer lesson

The soccer lesson went very great today they really had so much participating the different soccer drills and exercises.

''Morning circle''
story time about  (The Barn)
                                                 ''Soccer go..go.."

Park time and dance


The kids are alright even if it was cold but rabbit and monkey  team enjoyed playing the different play equipment's that can be found at the park. while the B&L participated their hip-hop dance lesson very excitedly, so far everybody are great today.



They are alright despite the very cold weather they really had so much fun walking around Chofu watching different things and running for few minutes So far nothing's unusual today they are lively and very great.