Park time

 It's indeed Friday because the kids were all very happy and excited for weekends but despite that, they spent a  very wonderful day at the park they had enjoyed playing the play house slide, swing, sand box , playing hide and seek while beaming happily. 


Park time

                        It was very warm outside today, the kids were all very happy and lively playing the slide, swing, sand box,  searching insects and bugs but  they've only found lots of grasshopper babies. 
        In our way back we had fun watching different flowers around it was really very fun.


                              The baby grasshoppers. 
Azalea  flowers 
                                  Hydrangea flowers
   Rose flowers


Swimming lesson

It was a great lesson the kids had enjoyed jumping into the pool and enhancing some swimming techniques all in all it was fun. 

park time and hula dance lesson yesterday

 We went at the park  before their Hula dance lesson started there they had so fun running , playing monkey
 bars , and picking clovers then we also had a hula dance lesson monkey , bear and lions did their best so far they enjoyed it and their improving. 

Birthday Party

                              '' Happy Birthday''
                We just had a birthday party today for these 3 little angels their friends gave them  messages and sang a happy birthday song  it was indeed a very happy and lively day for them. 💖😍

        '' We wish you lots of happy days that we may all of you grow more stronger and healthier'' 
keep that smile on your faces Happy birthday!!! 

                                                                                                                            from: Aiai nursery friends and                                                                                                                               teachers 💗💗


Soccer lesson

Monday is their favorite  because of soccer they had welcome their wonderful coach with a lively smile. They started their lesson with greetings it was good, the lesson finished very well they learnt new soccer techniques and ideas although it wasn't so hard.  


Park time

We visited new park so far it's a wonderful day for everybody.  

( Listening THE DO'S AND DON'TS before started playing. ) 
                                            Go go go climb!
                                                ''They loved touching this one eye kitaro's  father''

                                             '' then go slide ''


                                                '' Discussion inside '' 

                                         '' Watching trains passes by '' 

                                              '' Say cheese '' 


Park time and hip-hop dance lesson

                                       The kids are all fine monkey team went at the park with koala, panda and rabbit team they had enjoyed so much playing the slide, horizontal bar, and sandbox even if the weather was very warm. Bear and lion had their hip-hop dance lesson so far they're good and enjoying it all the time.