Let's Go English, Outdoor Activity, and Birthday Party

Today, we started the morning with Let's Go English for the Lion Team. They practiced saying "What do you like?" and answers, "I like <food> and <food>".

We also went to Inaribashi-yuen park wherein we reviewed our lesson in directions like "Go straight.", "Turn to the left/right.", and "Go" and "Stop".

Picking Donguri!


Knock-Knock English, Craft: Noisemakers, and Fula Dance

Tal Sensei introduced a new theme of Potato Pals Series, ”In the Beach” wherein the children learned new vocabularies such as building sandcastles, chasing crabs, finding shells, and more. The letter /M/ was taught too. 

Simulataneous with Knock-Knock English, we had our craft. Our craft was preparing noisemakers we can use for the upcoming Sports Festival. Good luck everybody!