Knock-Knock English, Craft, and Japanese Lesson

It is a busy day in Aiai Nursery today as we had simultaneous activities in the morning. In our Knock-Knock English, Tal Sensei did a one-on-one Reading Test and alphabet worksheets.

We also continued with our post card designs as the children wrote their messages to their grandparents. As they finished with their craft, they had writing activities on their Japanese workbook with Aya Sensei. 

In the afternoon, they had their Fula Lesson and they danced gracefully and had a game with their Fula Sensei afterwards. 

What a Friday we had!

Doing the circle!

Working with friends is more fun!

Reading Test

Everyone is busy as a bee!

Japanese Lesson and Craft

Getting better with scissor skills

Solving the puzzle is easy!

Good job everybody!

Reading time with the Birthday Boy!