Knock-Knock English and Pool Time

The children had a great day to end the week as they had their Knock-Knock English, Fula Dance, and their last day to have indoor pool. 

For the Knock-Knock English, the Rabbit and Monkey Team did the action song "Walking in the Jungle" while holding their hand-sewed animal toys. The Bear and Lion Team on the other hand had a one-on-one comprehension test with Tal Sensei to end their lesson on Potato Pals going to the town. Next week, they will be starting with a new Potato Pals story and theme.

Everybody was doing what Tel Sensei asked them to do. Great job!

Is it nice? Yes, it is!

We really love stories!

I smile for the camera!

Pool Time

Enjoying the last day of pool time!

So pretty!