Split the watermelon!


             What is this?
      This is a watermelon!!
Let`s try to split the watermelon!

Maybe Tal-sensei can split it?


The watermelon looks so yummy!
              Let`s try it!


English Lessons

This morning we reviewed colours:
 we sang "I see something blue" and
 played a matching game with Rina-sensei.
What colour do you like?

I like pink!

"A green ball lives in a green house!"

                                             Last week we had a lesson with Tal-sensei.
We focused on the topic "Insects".

We had to find a  house for the insects.


Free time

When we have free time we like ...
... to play house,

....to play with toy trains,

...to play with blocks,

to play hospital...

to make funny faces...

to read books...

                                                                    to take pictures...



Summer Camp


 8月9日~10日Lion teamは河口湖付近へSummer 
Let's make" Ice cream!"(●^o^●)
We gaved some food to the animal(*^_^*)
We did fire works together!!

Let's send some letter!!
We had fun time!!(^o^)/

The hula dance lesson(*^^)v

This time,girl's team join the hula lesson with wearing skirt(^O^)
Let's practice again!
It's quite difficult(>_<)
Let's try once more!
We do'nt give up!!
Yes!we did it!(^^)!