Knock knock English

Good morning! How are you?

Hello, alligator!
How old are you?

I`m 4 years old!

Is it sunny today?
Yes, it is!
Circle..... Shake, shake, shake.....
If you`re angry, angry, angry......♪♪♪

It`s story time! Do you want me to read a book?
Line up, please!
See you next week!

Fire station excursion

We went to a fire station.
 Good morning!

We could get on a fire truck!
Wow! The truck is really big!
It was so exciting!

Then we tried on firefighting uniform.

This helmet is very heavy!

"What`s your name? Let`s play together!"
Thank you very much!



Swimming school / Mat exercises & Shopping game

             Line up! Let's do mat exercises☆
            forward roll       くるんっ♪

Shopping game  "How much is this?" "100 yen!"
Here is our book store♪
This bus goes to Chofu station!

<Monkey & Bear> Swimming School
Let's swim with a kickboard!
 Steep slope!
We like swimming♪
                                                  I can swim by myself! すごいでしょ?

Soccer school & 七五三詣り

           Let's warm up! Running♪ Running♪
                                            Line up! Next, kick the ball one by one.


Thank you for today's lesson. See you next week!

                                          今日はsnackも布多天神で食べました☆ Yummy!
                                          Who wants special snack for today?  "Me!!"
                                               We picked up many acorns!
                                                                     Say cheese!
千歳飴袋☆ 帰りに千歳飴を入れてもらったよ♪

                         "Let's make our train!!"

aiai train☆