Birthday party

May your birthday  will be the best of the day, we hope you will always have a happy day on this day onward.

from your Aiai nursery teachers and friends again Happy Birthday🥰

Year end

We went to the library we returned lots of books at the same time we borrowed  new books for the next year for us to enjoy.
then we strolled around the City watching for the New year's display it was fun.
We went back to the nursery and we played again the musical chairs like we did yesterday, it was a great challenge for them indeed very exciting. 
We hope that next year will  also be a prosperous year for everybody  have a good holidays and a   Happy New Year!!! 



Park time

"  They had so much fun playing the slide, swing and Horizontal bars  " 


Christmas party & Hula dance lesson

'' Strawberry cake  for the snack ''

                                           '' Dance presentation ''

                                             '' Hula dance lesson ''

                                              ''   Special lunch  ''


Soccer lesson

The kids had enjoyed playing soccer for 
the last time with 
their coach this year so far so great.


Bear and monkey team park time

We went outside with Rabbit team  walking on  the stairs and running on the slope then after we played the jumping rope they really had so much fun. 


Park time and hip-hop dance lesson

''Monkey team goes to the park with Rabbit team'' 

                                           '' Hip-hop dance ''
                                                         Bear team 

                                        '' Hip-hop dance lesson
                                                         Lion team ''


English and Hula dance lesson

'' English lesson About Christmas learning the upper case and lower case letters in an alphabets 
identifying the first and last letter in a word.  

                                     '' Hula dance lesson ’’



The kids was very lively today
 they had so much fun  during their 
soccer lesson. 


Visiting the Fire Station

'' I the Fire Station '' 

                                                '' Greetings''
                                    '' Fire mans office ''

            ''The  kitchen space where they cook foods                                                             bthemselves'' 
                                          ’’Bedroom ''
                        Mini gym where the fire mans build up
                                  their body muscles using
                           the different exercise equipment's.

                                Fire mans  Bathroom