Knock Knock English

- What colour do you like?

Let`s make butterflies!


Look! Look!


Now we have butterflies in our classroom!




 Today we enjoyed "SUIKAWARI !!!

You have to walk toward the watermelon,
 stop in front of it,
 and try to crack it open by hitting it with the stick!

Hit! Hit! Hit!

We did it!!!
Wow! It`s a yellow watermelon!

 In the end, we enjoyed delicious watermelon.
More watermelon, please!


Today`s English Lesson

Let`s start with a fingerplay!

"Two little blackbirds sitting on a hill,
   One named Jack.
      One named Jill...."
“Now I know my ABC’s,
 Next time won’t you sing with me?”

Where is "A"?

After the English lesson we went to the pool.

 - What`s your name?
- My name is .....


We like fingerplays! 

One little finger,one little finger,
one little finger,tap tap tap,
point to the celling,point to the floor,
 put it on your lap!


The first day at the swimming school.

 Now we have swimming caps!
We are so happy!
The pool is so big! 
What are we going to do?
 First we have to get used to water.

 Lets get into the water!!!
I can`t believe!
 My body is so light in the water!

 Our first excercise!

 Look! Look!

It was fun!
Thank you, sensei!
See you next week!


Knock Knock English

- What`s this?
-This is a magnifying glass!

A magnifying glass makes things look bigger!!!


Can you find a caterpillar?
What colour is it?



   Incy Wincy Spider Incy Wincy Spider went up the water spout...
   Down came the rain and washed the spider out Out ...
We had a great time today!!!!

Thank you, Tim-sensei!!!