End of the school year party


'' Hula dance lesson ''

                                               '' Pow pow pay ''


Soccer lesson

Everyone was very happy especially the lion team saying thank you to their soccer coach. 


🌸 お散歩 🌸


BIRTHDAY PARTY for the month of March


Congratulations on your birthday, may you have a wonderful and a happy day all the time, always enjoy to the fullest. 

From your Aiai nursery teachers and friends again happy birthday.


Flower viewing excursion

The weather is great today, everyone of them was very happy playing in the park enjoying the slide, swing, and sandbox while watching the beautiful flowers around them. 
After that we ate lunch deliciously together. 

                                                For the parents 
'' Thank you for their delicious lunch'' 🙂


Swimming lesson

'' Swimming lesson was very fun they really had so much fun participated their swimming lesson indeed a very nice day. 

Hula dance lesson

The kids are all great they really had so much fun playing outside then after that,  lion team had enjoyed participating  their last hula dance lesson while monkey team had their English workbook lesson indeed a very fun day. 


Soccer lesson


park time

We visited this  park with rabbit team it was very fun.