M.B&L Outdoor

We watched these beautiful food and sweets display it looks very real that made our stomach  aching for it.😇
So far everybody's lively and good today. 


June Birthday party.

🎵                                      🎶
Happy Birthday 

'' MAy all your day and wish will come true stay always happy and cheerful a message from your Aiai family again happy birthday!!!

Park time (M.B&L)

 We only have monkey and bear team because lion team have their camping practice。Monkey team had so much fun playing at the park enjoying the slide, swing and monkey bars.


Swimming lesson

Their alright they were very happy and was excited participated the swimming lesson monkey team enhancing their capability to put their head under the water  while Bear and lion team continue enhancing their skills. 


M,B&L Soccer lesson

    ''We used this particular  book for our story telling time .''       

''Propelling and catching the ball''

                                               ''Knee kicking''

Park time 6/21

It was very hot outside this morning but despite that the kids were all 
very lively and happy we visited two different parks today
 they had  fun playing the slide, monkey bars and sandbox indeed very great. 



The kids were alright monkey team joined koala,panda and rabbit at the park they had so much fun while b&l had their hula dance lesson indeed it was very good everybody did dance very well.  


Swimming lesson

The kids were alright today, they really had so much fun during their swimming lesson. 
Monkey team learnt new swimming drill and they did great while bear and lion did improved so much. 


M,B&L park time / Hula dance lesson

The kids were all great they did their best during Hula dance lesson.
We also went at the park everybody played happily.