Christmas Party

Today we had a Christmas Party!

Merry Christmas, everyone!


A trip to the fire station

We are so excited! We are going to the fire station!

Good morning!

One of the firemen is demonstrating
how quickly he can put on his equipment.


We could also see how fire engins work!

See you!!!


Picnic at the Zoo

Lion team from Aiai Nursery as well as Childland, Melody, Angel Planet, and Smiley Kids nursery schools went all together to visit and have a picnic at the Yumemigaoka Zoo last Friday.
In Aiai Nursery, we only have one pupil who belongs to the Lion team. He`s no other than "Yuto".
Let's see how he and the other kids spent the day at the zoo.
Yuto met his fellow Lion team friends from Childland first. Together with Aya sensei and Nico sensei, they took a train ride to the zoo.
While at the train, kids played games. The made funny faces and the one who got the funniest face won.

hmmm...can you guess who won the game?
Welcome to the zoo!
here's a helpful guide to see what and where animals can be found inside the zoo

Yuto and friends from Childland nursery school

"I'm so excited!"

"Look! our little friends are so happy to see us here!"

"have you seen such cute animals before?"

Meet the cute and friendly animals of Yumemigaoka Zoo

It's lunch time!
mmm..yummy hearty meal!
after lunch, we had a good rest...

and of course, play time! :)

"let's run, let's chase Nico sensei!!!"

"I feel like I am Spiderman"

"oh yes, Spiderman can climb a tree too!"

"this is so much fun!"

"what's happening?"

Sensei said "show me your happy faces please".

"I sure had so much fun today! Can't wait to tell my friends  and my family of my visit to the zoo".