Morning Circle and Activities; Knock-Knock English

Ending the week with awesome activities... That's how we do it here in Aiai Nursery! Our morning started with Hello and Walking Walking song and followed by review of community helpers and their roles to close the month's theme. The children also made personalized Christmas decorations!

Our circle time was followed by Knock-Knock English wherein they learn to tell the time and traffic signal.

Knock-Knock English

Morning Activities


Art Lesson with Sato Sensei

It is fantastic to play with colors and be free and imaginative in our artwork! Today the children had fun with Sato Sensei as they learn how to use the brush and playfully mix and paint it on the paper. Everyone is an artist of their own!

Everyone seems awed by the instructions given!

Rolling up my sleeves... Getting ready to do art!

Putting titles to our work!