End of school year party

It was very  nice end of school year  celebration they had enjoyed it, all of them dances very well with so much happiness on their faces. 


Flower viewing picnic

A very fine weather for  flower viewing  picnic luckily there are lots of cherry blossom that we've  seen inside that park, while having fun watching the flowers  the kids had enjoyed playing  the slide, swing, running around and playing on the sand . 

                                       Thank you for the lunch!😍😍

PArk and swimming lesson

      It was very fun day and as for their last lesson  their coach let them jumped from the piled-up table they had been so braved on facing their fear indeed a very nice day for them.
 While the rabbit team joined koala team at the park playing different toys while  they enjoyed the fine  weather. 


Park time/ Hula dance lesson

Their alright they had enjoyed the day playing the horizontal bar, picking the flowers and leaves on the ground and running around while playing hide&seek. 
Indeed a very nice day for them. 


Soccer lesson

R,M,B&L had their soccer lesson today the rabbit team played soccer for  half an hour while the M,b&L continue the lesson till the end 

                            After the soccer playing different toys with friends.

                                      During their soccer lesson

                                                    With soccer coach  
                                (  Saying thank you for the whole year 
                               of happiness and lot's of  improvements ) 



Park time

Despite the fact that it was quite warm today the kids enjoyed their day playing happily at the park they did enjoyed  the different  equipment's at the park. 


Swimming lesson/ Park time

The kids are great today
The M,B&L participated their swimming lesson drills with so much excitement and happiness. 
While the rabbit team went at the park with koala team  enjoying the nice weather playing the slide ,  moving dog ride and sand toys. 


Park time / Hula dance lesson

We went at the park enjoying the nice temperature the kids played  the sand, slide swing, climbing bar/rope and sand they also had so much fun searched some bugs and insects. 

They started new hula dance lesson though it was quite hard but they did enjoyed it so much. 


Soccer lesson

All of them are great today they really had so much fun playing each other inside especially during their soccer lesson rabbit team did their best on dribbling the ball while the M,B&L level had done their best on the level up soccer drills .