Art Lessons

Thursday mornings will be more exciting now that we have our Art Lessons to begin our day.
Irina sensei sings a song for us as we start.
Then, we did some stretching to prepare for the much awaited art time.
Irina sensei asked, "Are you ready?"
"Yes we are ready sensei!"



and we move around as we sing

we're having so much fun!

our little hands can do magic!

and our imagination can make wonders, too!
we are serious with Art


our hands and our apron could get really colorful, but we don't mind ;)

Here are our works of Art!
Hope you like it! :-)


Swimming Lessons

Our swimming bags are full, and we are all ready to go to our swimming school.


We're on our way to the swimming school.


Sensei sings the Anpanman song for us :-)



We're all happy and we will be back next Wednesday for another fun swimming lessons!