R, M Team Park Time / B,L Team Hip-Hop

Welcome back to our Blog!
☁How was our day today?☁
What kind of activities did our children enjoy?
Let's see...

We started our day with English Morning Circle.

Then Rabbit Team 👣 went to the park👣

Bear Team - Hip-Hop Dance Lesson💃

Bear Team - ✎Hiragana Practice✎

Lion Team - ✎Hiragana Practice✎

Lion Team Hip-Hop Dance Practice

That's all for today!
Have a nice day!
We will be back on Friday!


R:Park Time M.B.L:Swimming Lesson

Rabbit Teamさんは、
Panda Teamさんと一緒にお散歩へ行ってきました。


R+MBL Park Time

Hello everybody! 
How are you?

What a lovely day we had today...
We went to the park...
and we had so much fun...

When I grow up, I want to be a model...

Doctor Yellow!

play date with Koala and Panda friends

Run, run as fast you can...I will catch you!

Ice-cream Shop

Here you are! Thank you!

Chocolate please!

No more Ice-cream, let's get some more...

Lemon Ice-cream


bubble mania!

Let's make a soup together.

soooo beautiful...

Let's cool down bit...

That's all for today!
Have a wonderful day!
See you later!


R+MBL Soccer Practice

Welcome to our Blog!
How was your weekend? 
The weather was lovely so we hope 
you did enjoy your weekend as much as you could.

How was our day today?

Free Play

Morning Circle

Story Time

Soccer Practice
warming up

run, run, run...you can't catch me...

Throw the ball
and kick the ball

Shooting Practice

What's next?

Team work

That's all!
Have a nice day! 
See you later!(^^)/