Trip to the Post Office and to the Park; English Lesson and Pool Time

It's another busy day for the Aiai Nursery as the children went in the park and had fun exploring the nature as they spot some insects and plants. Along the way, the children named the vehicles they learn during our English Lesson. 

We also went to the Post Office to send the post cards for their grandparents. They made a short wish for their grandfathers and grandmothers after dropping their cards. As we go back to school, we had our writing activity and pool time.

What a Thursday we had! FUN!

Ready, Set, and Go!

We can do this everybody! Go! Go!

Wiiih! Just having fun in running!


Time to send our post cards!


So happy! I wish my grandpa and grandma will like my love letter to them!

Writing Lesson and Pool Time

Wow this is really refreshing!