Rice Cake Making

It's Friday and we are all excited because we all have prepared for this day.
Our aprons and bandanas are all ready, and so are we.
It' time to make delicious "Omochi".

Kinu and Usu are both set, so we need to get ready too ;-)

"Sensei look, Cute face!"

Sensei said, "Put on your apron".
And sensei helped us with our bandanas. Nice!

"Sensei look, we are all so cute!!!"

Sensei said, "Are you ready?"
and we said, "Yes we are ready!"

Sensei said, "Let's start!"

"Sensei I'm scared".

Sensei said, "Don't be scared, you can do it! ;-) "

"Whew! It wasn't scary as I thought would be".

Time to wash our hands.

Sensei  taught us how to mould our rice cakes.

"It's time to get our hands busy!"

"Our delicious Omochi".

Time to clean our hands.

We love this day! We're busy yet we had so much fun!