Art Lessons

Bright Thursday morning it was, and we just finished our English lessons. Our Art teacher greeted us with her warm and kind smile.

Time to get our little hands work on our lovely art pieces.

To set our mood, sensei let's us all sing a soothing song :-)

time to start!

Sensei said, "make a huge circle, like a shining yellow sun".

Sensei said, "Now, make a strawberry".

"I'm too shy to show my work. Please wait 'til I finish".

"Sensei, look, the strawbeery I made looks so real!"

Sensei made us sing and dance and it was like we were travelling in a strawberry farm. So fun!

We also made a boat that sails through the river.

We also rode a funny bus by the strawberry fields. Exciting!

We sang, we danced, and made our works of art! We had a wonderful time!