Hula Dance Lessons

Our Hawaiian skirts and flower necklaces are all ready. And so are we.
It's time for Hula dance lessons!

"Are you ready to dance?"
"Let's dance!"
"Sensei look, I'm wearing my lovely flower bracelets".

Sensei was teaching us how to turn around gracefully.

"Pearly shells, from the ocean. Shining in the sun, covering the shore..."

Sensei said, "We have a special guest for today".

It's Akira! ^_^
Sensei said, Akira wants to see us dance ^_~

We did our best performance to please our special guest ^_^

And we gracefully bow and thanked our dear teacher as we finished.

Time to get closer to our special guest.

"Akira is so cute!"

Say "Cheese!"

"We love to dance and we're happy that Akira joined us today!"