Knock-knock English and English Lesson

During morning circle, RMBL teams learned the concept of the short vowel sound. Bear and Lion team can read the three-letter word while Monkey and Rabbit team loved to flip the other side of the flashcards to check the corresponding pictures of the three-letter word presented. RMBL team had work on their activity books while waiting for their respective time for Knock-knock English. Meanwhile at Knock-knock English, the Rabbit team had an exciting lesson on parts of the body theme. They had laughed hilariously during mystery box time.  A bear was in the box.  Aniko-sensei had read a book entitled "Teddy Bear". The kids are asked to put the body parts while reading the book. Rabbit team had a pretty engaging interaction with Aniko-sensei during this activity. As for the Monkey and Bear Teams they had their review lessons about sea animals and parts of the body vocabularies, the phonics sound sh/ch and the enjoyable ABC card game.