Water play & Knock Knock English

It is refreshing for the kids to dip in the water today. It is such a joy to see them play harmoniously and chat warmly while in the pool. They enjoyed the sprinkled water over their heads. During Knock Knock English, MBL loved the book with wiggly eyes. The kids requested to shake it so that the eyes will wiggle conspicuously.  They had learn set phrase sentences like Do you like pizza? Yes, I do and How many animals? They recited the set phrase as Aniko-sensei showed the picture flashcard in front of them. They learned  phonics sound of a and o through the picture flashcard.  MBL team had become more comfortable speaking English every week.  Meanwhile, the Rabbit team loved the mystery box and clothesline game. They enjoyed Phonics and ABC card game too.

After the energetic and refreshing day, they eat well and fell asleep right away.