Knock Knock English & Water play

It was a good day and a great time with Aniko Sensei and the Rabbit team.
Today they learned the letter J phonics, how to pronounce the sound and words made by the letter. 

Putting clothes was never so hard. They get to choose between alligator and lion figures, dressing them up with hat, shirt, pants and shoes. It showed their personal taste and uniqueness in fashion. Who knows some of them could be a fashion guru someday. The "Get Dressed" story book simply shows that we all have our own preferences.

For the Monkey, Bear, Lion Team, they had their phonics review on op/ap, the amusing and enjoyable ABC card game and vocabulary cards,  counting using animal figures, food preference using the words"I like/I don't like."

No secret at all that kids love to play with water. Wet and wonderful, it will always be...Splish, splash, water squirts, the recreation that will never fade in a child's heart.

The time we enjoy is not a wasted time at all!