RMBL Knock Knock English with JP Sensei

       Rabbit Team's Knock Knock English started with a Hello Song.  It was followed by Open the Animal Cages activity wherein the children would have to match the colored key to its corresponding cage.  Upon opening the cage, an animal will be revealed like hyena, lion, giraffe and a lot more.  The children then formed one straight line for the Walking in the Jungle Song.  To close the session, JP-sensei shared the Good night Gorilla story which was a hit, it kept the children quiet and made them sleepy (^ ^).
      MBL is a small group today.  Yukichi was today's leader.  They formed a circle and practiced counting 1-100.  They reviewed the Singular and Plural forms of animal names.  They closed the session with "See you later, Alligator" song.  JP-sensei is well-loved by the children and even hug him after the lessons.