Rabbit Monkey Bear Lion - Knock Knock English and Water Play

What could be more fun than diving in the pool on a hot summer day!  Aiai children have always loved playing with water in their colorful swimwear.  Aside from water play, the children also had their English lessons with JP-sensei.  Every time he comes in, the children always joyfully greets him.  Rabbit Team studied the animals in the Walking in the Jungle song and attentively listened to the Yes story.
Monkey Bear Lion Team, on the other hand, counted in circles upto 30, reviewed J/K/L Phonics, and did a matching game.  They also learned the singular and plural forms of Food names and responded in full sentences using "It's a / They're [name of food(s)].  Our kids were oozing with energy and were still giddy and genki during Hula Dance with Shimizu-sensei.  It's indeed a fun busy day for everyone.