Fire station Visit

It was a very  great day  for everybody despite the fact that it was quite far from the nursery the kids are still very lively after.
The fire man are all very kind to the kids they introduced and showed what's inside the fire station  
and  their responsibilities as a fireman 

    Just when we arrived in the station the photo taken
 in front of the Fire 
engine and ambulance.
                  At the 3rd floor where the kitchen and dining area is located.
                                         Inside the Fire mans bedroom 
                                   At the 2nd floor inside their office
                                             The fire mans Big boss
                     In the underground floor where their stock things ,
                                 bath room and washing space are placed.
                                         Inside their Exercise space

                                    Seeing what's inside the ambulance
                           I wore the firefighting clothes and it was very heavy.

                                                  They are very cute😍

             The last part is saying their goodbyes and thank you to the fire man.