R+ MBL Park Time/ MBL Hula Dance

Welcome to our Blog!
We are back after "happy Monday holiday"...
Hope you all had fun!

Today we went to the Park 
and after that children of MBL had their Hula Dance Lesson.

2nd Floor

feeling secure ☺

...almost there...

3rd Floor

Nope, nothing for me...☺

this is the way we're going down...

3rd Floor! Yeeeeeey!

I would like to ride a horse too...

See, there is a space left, so we can ride together...

but let's do it "one by one"


challenge! Not accepted! ☺

MBL Hula Dance

Who was successful ?

That's right!

stretching...do your best... 

 Pro-dancers in action.

Time to say "goodbye".

That's all for today!
Have a nice day!
We'll be back tomorrow...
See you!