R+M+B Team Park

Hello Everybody!
How are you today?

We got a sunny Friday today! 
Perfect time for going to the Park.

Children playing on the slide...

Swinging on the swing.

Playing in the sandbox.

No pics! please!☺

We are the best friends!


Mmmmm...looks delicious...

Hey! Let's go!

Game called> "Daruma-san fell down"

My pet...ant...(^_-)-☆

How many do you have? 
Well, I have one here...and one there...oh, everywhere...

Here comes Mr. Komachi!!!

Thank you for using the Keio Line...

Look! It's a Ladybug!

Oh, It flew away...

That's all for today!
Have a great weekend!
We'll be back on Friday!
Bye! Bye!