R+M+B+L Park/ M+B+L Fula Dance

Hello Everybody!

How are you today?
Children of Rabbit, Monkey, Bear and Lion were so busy today.

After our free play we went out straight to the park.

Rabbit Team is walking with walking rope and they are doing well.

Rule Time
Teacher is reminding children about the rules.
We want to stay safe and sound...

Here comes "Doctor Yellow"

Here goes "Komachi"

Kagayaki and Hayabusa are waiting...(^_-)-☆

playing in the sandbox 

Making up something yummy

Look! I've found something very interesting...

What a lovely shot (^^♪

Hula Dance Lesson

I must admit that children are doing so good...
There is the huge improvement lesson by lesson.

Children are able to follow every teacher's move...

It's time to say>
 "Goodbye and see you next time"

That's all for today!
Have a wonderful day!
We will be back on Wednesday!
See you!