Knock Knock English with Alex-sensei

       For today's session, we have a substitute teacher, Alex-sensei.  The children were eager to meet the new teacher and kept on peeking at the glass door.  Alex-sensei interviewed the class and asked the questions "What color/animal/fruit/food do you like?" to which the interviewees replied "I like....."  This kind of exercise gives the children confidence in using English language when talking about their interests.  They matched up the CH and SH phonics flashcards, and listened to Aladin story.

      For Rabbits, Alex-sensei used a story flashcard to introduce the song Knock Knock Trick or Treat.  They learned the following vocabularies: pirate, ghost, cowboy, ballerina, monster, and witch.  They also listened to Spot's Halloween story wherein Spot (dog) was trying to figure out what halloween costume he is going to wear for the trick or treat with his friends.