Friday's Knock Knock English Day (RMBL)

        Every Friday, the children are excited to see JP-sensei.  During MBL's session, Mizuho served as our leader/interviewer.  She asked the questions "What do you like?" and "What don't you like?" to which the interviewees replied "I like..../I don't like..."  Right after, JP-sensei divided the class into two groups: girls team vs boys team.  Boys Team would stand up when they hear the SH Phonics while Girls Team would stand up when they hear the CH Phonic.  It's a race to 10 and Girls Team bagged it with a three-point lead.  

           For Rabbit Team, they matched transportation shapes like cars, planes, and boats into the corresponding space.  They also quietly listened to the "Go" story and danced "The Wheels on the Bus".  They sang the bye-bye song to close the session.