Christmas Party

      Everyone's anticipating this day.  The children are so excited to have the Christmas Party with Koala and Panda Teams.  To further set the mood, RMBL watched a short film about Christmas during Morning Circle.  RMBL prepared a joyous presentation for the audiences.  Each Team presented in front of their fellow and, it is fair to say that, they were all amazing and entertaining.  RMBL sang and danced to the tune of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and What Do You Want For Christmas.

    They were also entertained by the teachers: they listened to storytelling from Shuto-sensei, Apron Theater care of Yahagi-sensei, and Maricar-sensei's animal-balloon-making.  And for the finale, Santa Claus made an entrance and gave everyone a present.  

      The fun did not stop there!  Wait!  There's more!  Koda-sensei prepared a special Christmas lunch for everyone to enjoy and munch!!!