Off to the shrine to celebrate Shichigosan
Monkey, Bear, and Lion teams went to their swimming class,
and they will join us later.
Rabbit team, here we go!

Aya sensei says "Boys and girls, are you ready?"

yes we are!

Sheesh...we`re so excited!
Aya sensei says "are you ready to give thanks and make your wishes?"

we took a few steps to get to the altar,

lined up,

gave thanks,

and prayed for our wishes to come true.
yey! presents inside our bags

the yummiest rice cookies ever!


its playtime!

lots of chestnuts! we`d always love collecting them.

Monkey, Bear, and Lion team`s turn : )

Big boys and girls gave thanks and said their prayers too.

 a little tired, but we`re happy

look! here are our works of art!

Thanks for the presents!